Proxy means someone has the legal authority to represent or stand in for someone else. In the case of a wedding or marriage, having it by proxy means that one or both individuals does not have to be present to be legally married. By proxy marriage typically occurs when either or both members of the relationship cannot attend, in person, due to military service, incarceration, travel restrictions or when a couple’s jurisdiction or state does not recognize a legal marriage.

There are two types of proxy weddings or marriages that can be performed based on your unique circumstances.

Single Proxy Marriage

A single proxy marriage takes place when only one member of the couple can be in attendance for their wedding. The person present now represents both members of the relationship.  Our single proxy marriage service in the state of Kansas requires that one of the parties travel to Kansas for a minimum of 4 days. There is no residency requirement. This service is also available same sex couples.


Double Proxy Marriage: No Travel Required

As it might sound, a double proxy marriage takes place with both parties in the relationship cannot be in attendance. When a double proxy marriage is performed, the couple will have stand-ins to represent them in marriage.

The double proxy marriage law goes back to the 1860’s when Montana was still a territory. Young men poured into the mining district around Butte hoping to make their fortunes. Montana enacted the double proxy law to enable these men to marry their out-of-state fiancés. This law has remained in effect since.

To qualify for the service, at least one of the parties must be actively serving in the military. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age or older. This services is also available for same sex couples.

Proxy marriages are legal marriages for couples that have circumstances that may prohibit them from attending their wedding. S&B Professional Services provides proxy marriages both double and single in Kansas and Montana.

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