Imagine you have your first conversation and you realize you are interested in each other. Or you see a profile on the dating site and you know you want to connect with that person.

Soon you are talking all the time until you realize you are in love and want to get married.

No problem for most people. However, you are in different countries and your conversations have been via Skype or the phone and letters via email.

In fact, you have not actually met in person. In the past, it was practically unheard of for a person to seek marriage without ever meeting the other party in person.

Technology today has changed the way people now view this issue. Programs such as SKYPE and others have brought people closer together from all corners of the world without ever meeting face to face.

Love Is Not Always Enough

Unfortunately, being in love is not enough to enable two people to get married when one is a US citizen and the other is a foreign resident. There are many obstacles the couple faces when attempting to get married. Here is a partial list of what a couple may encounter:

1. The marriage process a very long and frustrating event because many foreign countries have very complex and difficult marriage laws.

2. It can be next to impossible for a foreign resident to obtain a Tourist Visa to visit the U.S.

3. Foreign countries can make the process for their citizens to leave the country a difficult one to discourage emigration to the U.S.

4. Travel and hotel expenses for the parties to meet one another are very expensive.


We Help Simplify The Process

This is where Marriage by Proxy comes in to help simplify the marriage process so you can be together. We offer a legal option for you to get married without any travel by either person! This process is called the legal double proxy marriage. If the party in the states is actively serving in the military, we process the marriage in the state of Montana which is the only state that allows two people to get legally married without each person being present at the marriage bureau.

If neither party is serving in the U.S. Military, we offer the Legal Single Proxy Marriage in Kansas.

The legal proxy marriage certificates from Montana and Kansas are recognized by all 50 states and most countries of the world.

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