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Marriage By Proxy Blog

Welcome to Marriage by Proxy’s blog page. We look forward to delighting you with our experiences and knowledge gained over the years helping couples from all over the world with different circumstances join in legal marriage.

The Myth of a Legal Online Marriage

Every day I am contacted by people seeking a "Legal Online Marriage." Today's technology has made it quite easy to order practically anything online. With the decline of the traditional brick and mortar stores, online [...]

Internet Dating and Proxy Marriage

Don't be separated from your love one any longer. By Sam Geller, Owner Imagine you have your first conversation and you realize you are interested in each other. Or you see a profile on the [...]

A Story I’ll Never Forget

By: Sam Geller, Owner I have been facilitating legal proxy marriages for over 15 years.  Each proxy marriage has a story of its own, but the one that I would like to relate stands apart [...]